Its like an early Christmas…


Ok, call me a pack rat, whatever, I just tend to collect old hardware that people no longer want. Today, a friend of mine gave me a bag of stuff, and I’ll be collecting another full PC of someone over the next few days. More on that later 🙂

So, down to the nitty gritty. The bag contained:


1^64Mb Hyundai PC-100 SD-RAM and 1^128Mb Kingston PC-100 SD-RAM

Intel Celeron Mobo

An Intel Celeron (dunno what clock, probably in the 500-700Mhz region) mobo, with onboard LAN and integrated graphics. Havn’t tested this yet, but it looks ok. Its really small, so I’m thinking about trying a custom case 🙂

A Soundcard

A Modem, promptly dumped, I have so many of the things 😦

A 15.3GB 5400Rpm IDE WD Caviar harddrive. This is a little worrying, because once I removed the casing thing it was in, there was a nice big burn mark underneath. The harddrive seems fine, although I havn’t tried it yet. Maybe it was a swapped in harddrive?

A nice suprise, an Nvidia GeForce 4 MX 440 graphics card. This works through a PCI slot, with 64Mb of GRAM. I threw this into Crunch, changed a setting in the BIOS, installed the restricted driver Crunchbang told me to, and then bam, it was just like, WOW 🙂 Crunch has some terrible intergrated SIS chipset, like 32Mb shared memory, this card is such an improvment. Crunch’s Celeron processor, even OCd up to 3.1Ghz struggled with standard video. This card handles it beautifully. Compiz still doesn’t work, but I’ll keep trying on that.

So, like I said, I’m thinking about trying to stick this thing into a custom case, maybe to become a NAS server. We’ll see……


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