Ok, knocking another two off the list 😉

Well, like I mentioned earlier, I added another 10Gb drive to Karmic. I took this from a Philips computer thats been sitting in my hall for a long time, just gathering dust. It had Windows 98SE on it, and I used Clonezilla to clone the drives just in case I ever want Windows 98 back/if I ever go mad. 😉

Anyway, it had two drives a 10Gb Seagate U4, similar to the 8gb Seagate U3 that was already in Karmic, and another 6Gb Quantum Fireball, bringing my total of those drives to three lol 🙂 I first tried to put the harddrives from Karmic into the Philips, its a nice case, and I could change the clock of its 700Mhz Celeron, and also use Wake on Lan. The added weight of the case too meant less noise, but alas, it doesn’t let you manually enter the details of the harddrives, which, seeing as I have two harddrives attached to the second IDE channel, normally used for CD drives, its fairly critical 🙂 So, after a quick shuffle, everything went back into Karmic. The mobo from Philips is being put for parts, two more sticks of PC-100 RAM with it 😉

So, after adding that 10Gb drive to the 8Gb and two 6Gb drives in Karmic, and rebuilding the RAID, I now have a 24Gb RAID0. Read speed is about 18Mb/s according to hdparm, which isn’t bad. The network will only go up to ~ 5Mb/s anyway 🙂

Also, I had two 2Gb flash drives in there. There access speed is terrible ~1Mb/s, and I had them mounted in two seperate dirs. For now, there back in RAID0, but last time, that just didn’t want to play fun, kept giving back access errors 😦 So, I’m probably just gonna put them back where they belong, my keys. Carry around an Ubuntu live USB with me 🙂

So, thats covered my experiments with RAID and those great things called IDE cables, so difficult to get neat in a case and not block airflow 😦 Well, beggars can’t be choosers, all this stuff has been donated 🙂

Right, I’m wrecked, thats enough for tonight. I’ll post more tomorrow 🙂


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