So as my Christmas present, guess what I got? Yup, you guessed right, computer parts, namely, a new harddrive, RAID card, and some cabling.

Specifically, a 500Gb Seagate Barracuda 7200.12 harddrive I picked up from Amazon, actually, now I mention it, everything here was bought from Amazon. I also picked up a 4 port VIA SATA PCI RAID card (damn thats a lot of capitals :-S) to allow me to connect this nice new SATA drive to my relatively old server, An-Lar, which was born in the days of IDE. Yup, I know what your thinking, connecting a SATAII drive to a SATA RAID card means I don’t get the full benefit of its speed, and thats true I don’t. But seeing as the maximum speed  I seem to be able to eek out my network is around 11Mb/s, my bottleneck isn’t the card 😉

This 500Gb drive is a nice, and fairly cheap upgrade from the 20+40Gb IDE drives that were previously in my server, and, seeing as Ubuntu worked out pretty well with Karmic, I decided to ditch FreeNAS, and use Ubuntu Server 9.10 instead. And so far, so good.

The rebuild was fairly simple, other than the mild headache of having a broken Molex>SATA power adapter delivered to me, which was fixed fairly easily by soldering the wires to the pins, and gluing the pins in place. Superglue isn’t conductive, so I think I should be ok 🙂

After discovering that the RAID card I bought didn’t appear before the BIOS like I thought it would, I added a 6Gb IDE drive to use as the system drive. The install went fine, with the drive being detected perfectly. I created one large ext3 partition, which is mounted as /home. After the install, I removed the CD-ROM drive and anything else, I could, some cables were removed, others tied back, and a floppy drive was also whipped out. I seem to be collecting those damn things. :-S

After the install, I set up a static IP, Samba and NFS shares, and used tune2fs to lower the reserved space on the 500Gb drive, getting me an extra 20Gbs or so.

sudo tune2fs -m 1 /dev/sda

The above sets the reserved space of /dev/sda to 1%, which for a drive thats only storing data is fine, however, you’re best off leaving OS holding drives as they are, so that the root user can still access the drive if it fills.

I also installed lm-sensors and hddtemp to allow me to monitor temperatures easily, I’ll do a blog on that soon 🙂

Thats pretty much it, just to post the pics, hover your mouse over them to get a description, click for full throttle 🙂

Server stripped to the roots

Karmic Server, with a 10, 8, and 20Gb IDE harddrive (top to bottom). Fan is where it is to cool the CPU and GPU chips :)

Server with 6Gb IDE OS drive, 500Gb SATA storage drive, and RAID card visible. This is pre cable tidying.


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