Grub and Clonezilla Battles


It happens every time, and every-time I never learn from my mistakes. Every-time I restore a partition with Clonezilla, it wipes GRUB. And every-time I forget the right way to re-install it, in this instance at least. Every-time though, I eventually find this post on Ubuntu Forums, and get everything working again. Well, to keep it in my memory, here’s how it goes.

Make a directory to mount to

sudo mkdir /mnt/x

Mount the partition with /boot

sudo mount -t auto /dev/xxxN /mnt/x

Re-install GRUB using this command

sudo grub-install --root-directory=/mnt/x --recheck /dev/xxx

Make sure that you specify the root of the device (/dev/sda as opposed to /dev/sda1) when performing the final step.

Thank you meierfra for digging me out of a hole more times than once 🙂


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