NTFS and my Network


I had a large ~250Gb fat32 partition on my computer, which I left as Fat so that I could share files between Ubuntu and XP. What a stupid idea that was. I neglected to remember that fat32 cannot handle files of more than 4.7Gb, which meant storing DVD isos was impossible. I’ve been having to work around this ever since because I never had the space to backup the files. But now I do.

So, Two-Face pulled an all-nighter and copied ~130Gb of data to the Server. After that I install ntfs-progs to let Gparted play nicely with NTFS, formatted the partition, and began copying the data back. At 10Mb/s. It took almost three hours, but now its back, and I can store my DVD isos with all the other OS isos.

Gotta love having space 🙂 By the way, here’s my conky network manager after all had been said and done. Thats a sizeable chunk of my download allowance eh? 😉


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