New Computer


^ Imaginative title eh? 😉

I love taking donations of old computers, because, by standards, most of the ones I receive are nowhere near old. Just the other day I was given this roughly 6 year old PC, a Packard Bell. Quite a powerful machine by my standards, a 2.6Ghz Celeron with 256Mb of PC-2700, and the AGP brother of a another donated graphics card, an Nvidia Geforce4 MX 440-SE, with 64Mb of RAM.

There were however, two nice suprises. The first being the 80Gb Seagate IDE harddrive. Ok, I know that by today’s standards, its tiny, but most of the harddrives I come across are 6-20Gb 😉 So 80Gb is big.

The other nice suprise was, believe it or not, it’s PSU. Not huge wattage, only around 250W, but it features a 120mm cooling fan on the underside, not something I’d come across before. Big fan, lots of air with little noise. In fact, the whole PC is very quiet.

My one trouble is what to do with it. Seeing as my bedroom PC is getting an upgrade CPU and HSF, it’ll be more powerful than this. I might swap cases though. My bedroom PC only needs one HDD. This case holds the HDD upright on the front panel, and its a smaller neater case. If I kept its PSU also, I could use the speakers that came with it. They’re very strange, powered by a 12V outlet on the PSU.

Then, I can use this new computer’s Mobo in an old case, and retire the PIII which has been a brilliant server. It’ll be sad to say goodbye to something that’s served (an unintentional pun ;)) me so well.

We’ll just have to see how it goes.


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