CPU Upgrade


Ok, so it took a while to get around to writing this. A week in fact. Don’t judge me 😦

More on the point, remember those parts that I ordered on eBay? Well, they arrived, though the processor took ages. But it got here, wrapped in a Christmas napkin. Seriously 🙂

The upgrade went, well I’d like to say it went smoothly, but it kinda didn’t. I replaced the old Celeron with the new Pentium IV, applied thermal grease (Artic Silver 5, of course), which was one of the tricky parts, trying to get it on right. I did the whole put a glob in the middle, let it spread thing, but it wasn’t spreading anywhere near enough. Using a plastic card spread it out ok though.

The second bit of bother was the heatsink. I first tried the new one, which looked very small compared to the stock Intel one. It was. It was useless. Quiet, but useless, even after using high grade waterpaper to smooth the bottom of it. So I got rid of it, and, after another cleaning with waterpaper, used the stock Intel one. Funny thing is, both HSFs are made by Foxconn 😉

With the stock cooler, and an extra case fan, things run cool, and blisteringly fast. Crunchbang races on the Pentium, and boot times are down a few seconds. All staying around 35C 🙂 And that’s with the CPU overclocked from 2.8Ghz to 3.4Ghz.

So, in the end, everything turned out ok. Alles Gut, Ende Gut 🙂


Intel Celeron

  • 2.4Ghz
  • 128Kb L2 Cache
  • 400Mhz FSB
  • Maximum OC – 3.2Ghz

Intel Pentium IV

  • 2.8Ghz
  • 512Kb L2 Cache
  • 533Mhz FSB
  • Maximum OC – 3.65Ghz


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