Well, finally bought a bottle of Isopropyl Alcohol, and decided it was time to give System64’s heatsink a decent cleaning. Sure, I’ve cleaned with compressed air, but you can never quite get it all.

So I removed the HSF and dismantled it. The heatsink is huge, with about 60 aluminium fins, a copper thermal pad, copper heatpipes and an 80mm fan. It’s a Foxconn, and was the stock cooler that came with my PC. I ran water through the heatsink to get rid of all the dust.

I must admit that then I took a shortcut, in drying it. I used a hoover and a hairdryer to force the water out. Lazy, I know, but I didn’t have the time to let it dry naturally, and I really didn’t think it would.

I then used the alcohol to clean the thermal grease on the bottom of the heatsink, and used the alcohol-damp cloth to clean the dust from the fan, most effectively I might add. Finally, I removed the CPU, and handling it like glass, cleaned the thermal grease from it.

Putting it back together was quicker, and this time I did a better job of applying the Artic Silver 5.

It’s made a huge difference. When the CPU idles at ~10% the temp is ~26C with the fan at ~2000Rpm. Under full load it’ll go to 35C @ 3000Rpm. My PWM settings aren’t really right for this temperature range, but they’ll do 🙂

Remember kids, a clean computer is a cold computer, and cold computers live longer 🙂


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