Further Cleaning…


Yes, I know, I’m taking it too far. But am I?

Today, the main server, An-Lar, got some downtime. It had only been up for 8 days anyway, after a stupid reboot. I cleaned the case a bit, though extremely gently, not wanting to break that stupid Molex to SATA power adapter which arrived broken, and was soldered, but not completely. I know, I’m lazy.

Did the same thing as for System64’s cleaning, dismantled the heatsink, cleaned with water, and cleaned the underside. This was slightly different though in that it had a thermal pad. Don’t bother with Isopropyl alcohol, it won’t dissolve it, but slip a knife under it, and it lifts pretty easy. Then I used some high grade waterpaper, to remove the residue and make the bottom of that heatsink as smooth as silk. It was quite good anyway. I’m starting to learn that Intel’s stock (Foxconn) heatsinks are of a much higher quality than you might expect, and are, for the most part, effective at what they do.

Dried the heatsink, cleaned the CPU with Isopropyl, applied some Artic Silver 5 (I’m getting better at that every time), and re-seated the heatsink. Hooked up the fan, which is actually hooked to the PSU, for some reason the mobo spins it down way too much, and doesn’t bring it back up in time. I took the time to clean the area around the case, the case both within and without also.

I know, second computer cleaning in two days. But a clean computer, is a cold computer. And cold computer’s live longer 🙂

I’ve gotta get more imaginative…


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