That’s right, my secondary server has been retired. The PIII board has been removed, and replaced with a much more powerful system. 2.6Ghz Celeron, 256Mb of RAM.

My main reason? Lack of power, of RAM? No, the PIII was plenty, Ubuntu server doesn’t demand much. My one grip though was that it’s BIOS couldn’t detect a harddrive in excess of 20Gb. That said, it could take harddrives on every IDE channel, four drives. This newer mobo will detect much larger drives, but not on every channel as I had hoped.

At the moment, it runs Windows 2003 Server, a test really, for fun as much as anything else. I doubt it will stay too long, though RDP is nice.

And what of the PIII? Well, I think it’ll be comming back. It draws a lot less power, and having harddrives, albeit small drives, on every channel, is brilliant. I think I’ll buy another one of the RAID cards that I got at Christmas, and re-instate the PIII. That would give me four harddrives of less than 20Gb each on the two IDE channels on the mobo, another two on the IDE channel on the RAID card, and 3 SATA ports, two internal and one external, which allow huge range for development.

I’ll need a few things. The RAID card for one. And I’ll probably need to use a more powerful PSU than the one the PIII had been using. One PSU thoguh, won’t have enough Molex connectors. So, I think I’ll use two lower power ones that I have around, one for the mobo, and another for the drives.

This could be fun 🙂


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