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OpenOffice is great. And for the most part, it’s all I need. But every now and then, I need that extra little feature, and I always find myself at Microsoft Office, usually at school or on my sister’s Vista laptop.

Time though for a digression. Back when I first started with Ubuntu, the idea of running Windows programs was amazing. Utterly mindblowing. I remember even looking into ReactOS as a free alternative to Windows. And, even with experimentation with Wine, various versions, I could never get Office 03 to work. Or iTunes. Or Windows Media Player.

Things have come a long way since, and with every release, Wine get’s better and better. Getting Office 2007 setup files and keys ready for a friend, I decided, just for the fun, and not quite expecting a result, to see if the setup for Office 2007 ran. And it did.

Intrigued, I let it continue, giving it a key, and marvelled as the install finished with 5 minutes. The same install on a more powerful Vista laptop took 20. With a similar emotion to that of a child coming down the stairs at Christmas, I ran Word 2007.

And ran it did. It worked. I then tried Excel, Publisher and Outlook. They all worked, flawlessly. And they even Activated over the Internet. Here’s a screen shot, just in case you don’t believe me 😉

That said, it’s not all a walk in the park. Some office programs simply refuse to start, or crash the moment they do. Powerpoint’s splash starts, but it crashes momentarily after. Even starting in safe mode won’t allow it to continue. Groove, Access and Infopath simply do not start, at all.

But that’s a minor niggle. I mean like, Office 2007, on Ubuntu. I’m delighted 🙂


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  1. Brilliant!

    I’ll have to give it a try in the near future and see how that works since, unfortunately, Open Office lacks something, personal belief, but nonetheless works and does what I need it to do although I do feel this sense of nostalgia with Crappy 07…

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