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The first change I made to ArchBang was to the Menu. Trivial maybe, but it just seems more useful to me, having the Terminal, File Manager, and Browser easily accessible. Also fix some capitalisation, and added Reconfigure and Restart to the Openbox config menu. Maybe you want it, maybe you don’t, but you can get my modified Menu.xml here on Pastebin 🙂


2 Responses to “Archbang: Menu.xml”

  1. 1 Rick

    Hey, nice ty, I was looking for something like this, for archbang myself.

    I installed Archbang on my mothers “old” laptop, 512Mb ram, becuase archbang is screaming fast on it.

    But about a week later, she could barely manouver in it. I quick “ps” and found about 24 skype sessions running, becuase archbang diesn’t show all the notification-icon of apps,…, runnin. also, automounting any USB devises like her camera, backup drives, … became a real pain… really missed those very handy gnome-apps, ….
    I ended up re-installing Ubuntu for her, and trimming out as mush as I could out of startup-scripts, etc… and it’s not that bad for her now.

    I guess I don’t know enuf about Archbang to turn it into an Ubuntu-Ferrari 🙂

    Please don’t get me wrong, but really I think, by the time someone adds all the bells n’ whisltes to somethin like Archbang then it will end up about as fast/slow as Ubuntu anyway.
    Really, for ppl who need those things, which is most ppl, just install Ubuntu and be done with it.

    • 2 evidex

      I wouldn’t agree to be honest. Everyone’s experiences are different, but mine with Archbang have been positive overall.

      Perhaps you’d like to give Crunchbang a try, a Debian based Openbox distro. Fantastically fast, with a brilliant community.

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