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Of something I said over at UbuntuForums. Orginal post is here 🙂

Looking at Lucid Alpha3, there have been some good changes in my opinion. I don’t think it’s been made anymore ‘shiny’ than any other version of Ubuntu, and it’s nowhere near as ‘shiny’ as any Kubuntu release.

Ubuntu is a major player in the Linux field, when people think of Linux, they think Ubuntu, people who wouldn’t know Linux that is. More and more people are switching over, and Ubuntu needs to attract a wide range of people, and be suitable to run on a wide varity of hardware.

Ubuntu was never meant to be light. It was meant to be Linux for Human Beings, and that’s what it is. Sure, it won’t run decently on 256Mb of RAM, but double that and your sorted. Any Windows Vista computer will have at least 1Gb of RAM, and Ubuntu will happily run all it’s life on that. So being more bloated than Arch or Debian isn’t really such a big deal.

Xubuntu 10.04 has made serious improvements, and actually feels light for a change. I’ve tried every release since Hardy, and 10.04 really stands out on top, even on my testing machines limited specs, and throw on top of that the brilliant boot time, less than 17 seconds on a machine that Arch takes 25, and the Arch install has much less to load.

Bottom line is, its not a massive deal if there’s something in 10.04 that you don’t like, poor software, or a bloated Gnome desktop, because you can change it. Strip it back, make it how you want.

The steering wheel is ultimately in your hands.


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