HOWTO: OpenOffice in Openbox


I opened up OpenOffice in Openbox the other day, and was presented with what looked like the Ubuntu High Contrast GTk.

Fugly doesn’t cut it.

I of course took a trip over to Urukrama’s fantastic Openbox guide and quickly found the solution.

Firstly, install the package with

sudo apt-get install

Secondly, to the very beginning of your, right after the #! /bin/bash, add the following line,

export OOO_FORCE_DESKTOP=gnome

That’s it. Reboot, and watch as your OpenOffice uses your GTk theme instead of ignoring it.

Yes, I realise that it looks practically the same, but look at the little differences. It’s obeying the GTk properly. Compare it to the screenshot below.

Next job is to fix those icons 🙂

You can also, if you prefer it, use the KDE style instead by changing the commands slightly

sudo apt-get install

And add the following to your


There you go, KDE styling for you.

If your setting up an Openbox desktop, Urukrama’s Openbox Guide is brilliantly useful, a great resource, and all from another blog.

Well worth the read 🙂


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