I use my hosting as file storage, for pictures that I want to display elsewhere, instead of using hosts like Omploader, which tend to fizzle out eventually.

These are shots of my computer desks, which were for a thread on Ubuntu Forums, so this won’t be the most interesting post. Sorry about the poor quality, they were taken in pretty bad light.

This is the hall desk. The small black box to the left is the Zyxel/Perlico router, with a Parted Magic disk on it. Then comes the screen which is attached to the main server, which is hidden from view by the encoding server, the one with the Ubuntu sticker under the desk. The case to the left is an empty spare case, with a few spare parts stored in there. On the desk is an old motherboard, a ~630Mhz Celeron with three slots for PC-100. You can also see the older, now spare silver Netopia/Eircom router.

This is the main computer desk. Nothing too special, you can see my 16GB iPod Nano, and on the disk spindles, and old PIII chip 🙂

That’s, I did warn you that it wouldn’t be interesting 😉


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