Well Imagine that…


After a long time suffering with appalling DSL service, due to an old line and outdated exchange, I have finally found a decent ISP in my area.

I’ve managed to escape a rather expensive contract with Vodafone, and now, I’m part of the “next-generation”, using fixed Wimax technology to access the Net.

I switched to Imag!ne Wimax, and, after me running a couple of cables through my attic due to their insurance worries, had a small (1′) aerial fitted to my chimney. This runs down, through my attic, to a router in my hallway, a Thomson model provided by Imag!ne.

After two days, so far so good. The reception has always been perfect, and speeds have been higher than the package I’m paying for. The average speedtest.net result is about 5-6Mb, with .5-.8Mb upload speeds. Considering that I’m coming from .25Mb down and .128Mb up, it’s phenomenal speed.

I do have a couple of issues, namely that Imag!ne have (as far as I know at the moment) almost complete remote access to my router. I currently don’t have the admin password, and I’ve heard their not too happy about giving it out. That I’m not too fond of. I don’t like the idea of leaving controls of my LAN open to the world, and closed to me.

Perhaps I can change that, even use a different router or something. I still have my Vodafone Haweai HG557, Perlico Zyzel router, and even my Eircom Netopia router, so no shortage there 😉 Whether or not I can get things how I want them, remain to be seen…


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