Hey, it’s an Owl


Just a quick note on this image that you see anytime you visit my home page.

This image comes from adfreeblog.org and was infact missing for a while without me noticing. It simply stands for the fact that I disagree with corporate advertising, where sites bombard readers with various multicolured flashing ad banners.

From time to time, ads may appear on this site. This is not my doing, it is WordPress.com’s, and I receive absolutely nothing from them. That said, they’re quite reasonable, and I don’t think my blog has had ads imposed on it yet. It is after all, free hosting.

So, from my side, this is an ad-free blog, and that’s how it shall stay. I don’t want my owl to fly off 🙂


2 Responses to “Hey, it’s an Owl”

  1. It’s great to read that your blog is ad free ! I hate this ads so much that I’ve been running Squid for years to prevent this stuff annoying me.
    The few times I had to go on the internet without my proxy, it was a very bad experience 😦

    • 2 evidex

      Thanks for the comment!

      I normally use AdBlock in my browser, but I tend to disable it on sites I really enjoy, where the ads aren’t intrusive. After all, every little bit of support helps.



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