A Few Issues


I mentioned earlier that my laptop is now running Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick on a Compact Flash card. What I had forgotten to mention, were the few issues that have cropped up with the laptop.

The first is the fact that I still havn’t been able to get the internal Wifi card working yet. There has been some progess though, since I last dismantled the laptop, the switch is now “working”. At least, when I move it to On, the light comes on. The card however, isn’t detected by the system. Later today perhaps, I’ll take the card out of the other Toshiba, and see if it works in Tecra. In the hope that the cards are compatible. 🙄

Another, more serious issue, is the lockups that have been occuring over the past few days. In some cases, it locked up completely, and needed a hard reboot. Yesterday and today though, it’s simply decided to turn off it’s cooling fan.

This one is scarier. The system remains fully responsive, but without the fan, the CPU goes up to the mid 70s, and the RAM feels like it could burn you. The CPU temp is estimated, seeing as when these type of lockups occur, the temperature sensors, and conky for some reason, don’t respond properly. The command runs, but the temperature always comes back as the same value.

This leads me to believe that it’s not a malfunctioning sensor or fan, but a problem in Maverick, which would be much better than the former.

I’ll just continue apt-get upgrading, and see how things progress.


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