Archbang – Thoughts


Fast, Clean, but needing work. Archbang in three words.

Don’t get me wrong, the fortnight I’ve spent with Archbang have been great and as a distro, it’s one I’d strongly recommend. It’s quick, booting in about 20 seconds on Tecra, and uses only 60MB of RAM on a standard desktop.

It gives a lot of the benefits of having an Arch system, without the large input of time and effort Arch demands. It gives you a working, flashy, well equipped system straight from the disk, making Arch more accessible for those who fear the command line, or simply don’t want to spend so much time perfecting their own system.

The only place I could possibly fault it (other than a few small issues that turned out to be Arch/my fault, namely keymaps) is a lack of unity across applications. It’s a purely cosmetic, and very nit-picky thing, but certain applications (SM-Player for instance) just don’t integrate well with the rest cosmetically. It just needs someone to smooth over little things, to make applications blend more seamlessly.

I realise just how trivial a compliant the above is, even major distros can have issues making things fit together cosmetically. Archbang is a distro I’ll be returning to, and recomending along the way. But I had to find some fault 😉

Now, where did I put my clonezilla disk? 🙄


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