Moving Swiftly On


Last night I ditched Archbang, and, after messing around with a few boot CDs I have lying around, Tecra is back up and running.

Recognise it? It’s LUbuntu 10.10. It’s a name that crops up fairly often when “Lighweight” and “Ubuntu” are mentioned in the same sentence (before you say it, yes the “L” stands for LXDE).

And after a few hours use, I have nothing to complain about. The install process was as easy as falling out of bed. The ubiquity devs should be proud of themselves, the install process has been simplified, and looks incredibly sleek.

The default install of LUbuntu weighs in at about 1.2GB, and booted in just under 20secs on Tecra. The system is generally snappy and responsive, and gives a wide range of applications, which tend towards the lighter side of life, PCManFM and Chromium, along with others.

But the best thing about LUbuntu so far? The speed, the stability (so far), the fact that everything is familiar thanks to it’s Ubuntu base?

It’s this;


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