HOWTO: Remove Desktop Icons – LUbuntu 10.10


I’m not a big fan of icons on my desktops. They clutter up things, and ruin the effect the wallpaper is meant to have, generally. It’s a taste thing 😉

In LUbuntu 10.10, I accidentally deleted my “Desktop” folder in my ~ directory. This had the effect of throwing the contents of my /home dir onto my desktop, something I wasn’t happy about.

If you Google for a resolution, you’ll likely come across pages advising to change the preferences in PCManFM. While it’s true that PCManFM controls the desktop, I couldn’t find options to disable the desktop in Edit>Preferences.

So instead, I simply prevented it forming a desktop by editing,


You’ll need root power (sudo) but when you’re in simply change the “–desktop” after @pcmanfm to “–no-desktop” , save and login again. You should now have no desktop 🙂 I do have to mention that if you’re relying on PCManFM to draw your wallpaper, you can either go messing with the autostart preferences yourself to get it to still to that, or be like me, and simply get a program like feh or Nitrogen to control your wallpaper.



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