Another day, another distro


I’m rather enjoying my distro hopping session. So far I’ve gone from Windows, to Ubuntu, to Archbang and LUbuntu.

While getting familiar with the Crunchbang Linux forums, I found a rather nice looking distro. No, it wasn’t Crunchbang (though that will be on the distro hop list), but rather, Madbox, a distro I’d never heard about before.

It’s an Ubuntu based distro, based on Karmic (though a Maverick version is on it’s way), and when I first booted it up, I wanted to get rid of it.

When I see things like shiny task bars and the like, I generally turn away. But it was it’s looks which attracted me in the first place, and I made myself hang on to it.

And I love it. It’s a fantastic distro, boots in 20 seconds to 60MB of RAM, and though it looks great, is bloody quick. It comes with a sparse but adequate collection of applications, but seeing as it’s Ubuntu underneath, adding more is as simple as falling out of bed. There are also XFCE versions, which I havn’t tried.

It’s a very well put together distro, looks great, and has behaved perfectly over the few days I’ve used it. I’m waiting for the Maverick based version to be released, but in the mean time, I’m running to another.

This time, I’m trying out Wolvix, a distro I looked at before, but never tried, and also, the famous TinyCore. Just how fast will it be on a 1.7Ghz Pentium IV with 1GB of RAM and a CF card for a harddrive? Lets see 😈


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