How Hardy is Hardy?


Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron was my first Ubuntu distro. It holds a special place in my heart, as being the place where everything pretty much started off (I has used DSL before Ubuntu, but not to great success).

It felt fitting therefore, to take a stroll down memory lane, before Hardy’s support is dropped (April 2011 and 2013 for desktop and server versions respectively).

Oh the memories 🙂

It’s a look that I miss. Even though it never stayed for too long, I loved the Ubuntu Human theme.

But nostalgia aside, Hardy is still a great release. Now more so than ever, it’s stable as a rock, though it did want about 400MB of updates when it first turned on. That said, for a release thats 2.5 odd years old, it’s quite acceptable.

It booted first to about 130MB of RAM, taking 45 odd seconds to get from GRUB to the login screen. Once it’s in then, everything feels quite snappy, and swap space hasn’t been used yet.

Would I recommend Hardy as a day to day distro? No, not with it’s release up so soon. But it does show that your’re not restricted to using the most recent versions of Ubuntu. Heck, if you wanted to 6.06 Dapper Drake is still supported on server platforms until June 2011 😉

Next up is to install Maverick, and give a little comparison to the two.

Memory lane is a lovely place for a walk 😉


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