I know, I promised…


I know I promised that the next blog would be based on the performance of Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick on Tecra, but unfortunately, at the moment that’s not possible.

Due to school needs, I’ve had to remove the CF card, replace the 30Gb harddrive and install Windows XP, to use programs such as Word, Publisher, but more importantly, Solidworks.

Yes, I know that there are alternatives but for the moment, I need Microsoft. Also, I thought it would be interesting to see how fast a fresh clean install would be.

I used nLite to trim down the install a bit, adding Service Pack 3, getting rid of drivers and such for things I would never need, and also the cartoonish Luna theme 😛

And to be honest, it’s not too bad. First real boot was around 40 seconds, which has since lengthened out a bit. I’ve installed quite a few applications, the Office suite and Solidworks both being lumbering mammoths. And people complain about OpenOffice 🙄

Once a video driver was added (which I did using nLite) things work perfectly. And for all the hype, it’s to be expected. XP is quite an old OS, now ten years of age, and even though this laptop is by no means a speed demon, it’s still got more than enough to pull XP along.

It’s people, for the most part, that have given XP it’s reputation. They install idiotic things, and then complain that it’s slow. Everything is blamed on a virus, when most of the time, the problem exists between the keyboard and chair.


A final note, updates after the install came in there droves, about 500Mb over the course of 3-4 days. I think now though I’m pretty much finished.

A final final note, Avast! is a fantastic antivirus, even the free version. It gets my vote over the lot 🙂


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