I Shouldn’t Have Opened my Mouth


Not twenty minutes after I had written a rather glowing review of XP 10 years on, did problems begin.

Lockups, frozen inputs, and even two blue screen crashes.

At first, I was furious. How could XP do this do me, after I had praised it’s “stability”? How dare it!

In a less than happy mood, I grabbed my nearest Linux disk (which wasn’t all that far ;)), and decided I was reverting back to how I liked things, to how things should be.

I booted up Ubuntu 9.04, and started to get some work done.

And then, a lockup.

Clearly, the problem was not XP’s fault. My next step was to run a Memtest. After two passes, I deduced that the RAM was probably not to blame either (it had passed a two day Memtest when I first got Tecra).

The problem finally became apparent after a BIOS warning and a Google search. “Bad Sum Check (ROM)”, a rather vague and scary message to see.  Turns out though, that the cause of the problem is a dead CMOS battery.

So, at the weekend when I’ve some time, I’ll open it up, and find a replacement.

XP, I apologise. 🙄


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