Like Losing a Friend


We sang together for hours on end. We danced, watched movies and TV together. We played games.

But now, after 2 years, my iPod, my friend, is dead.

Over a month ago, my iPod went face to face with the killer of electronics. Water.

To be precise, a 30 minute spin cycle.

Fearfully, I plucked it from amongst the clothes, gingerly dried it. Luckily the battery was dead at the time, perhaps it had escaped serious harm.

And in fact, at the beginning, it seemed that way. It turned on, charged, played. But after 4-20 minutes, the battery from full would suddenly be dead.

So I ordered a replacement from behind the Great Firewall, which, a month later (thank you free shipping), arrived.

And so, following the brilliant instructions here, I began to dismantle. The screen was difficult to remove, and that should have been a warning.Whilst dismantling, even taking the greatest of care, I overlooked where one tiny ribbon cable was going. I disconnected the wrong piece. And so, I snapped the ribbon cable between the click wheel and logic board.

Disgusted is not strong enough a word. At this stage, I don’t feel up to ordering a new one. Everything is so tightly packed in, so tiny, so beautifully engineered, that I’m simply not sure if I’m up to the job.

I carefully packed everything away for another day, when I have more time, when I won’t make such stupid mistakes. I plan on replacing the battery, and the reassembling, to see if I can at least salvage it and use it as a 16GB flash drive. If anyone has suggestions for projects, I’m all ears 🙂


Until then my Friend.


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