Just a Quick One


Things have been rather hectic in the real world, and the forecast is only set to get worse.

My laptop is still out of action, and I’ve yet to open it up to check the RTC battery. I found some documentation saying that simply leaving the machine on for many hours should recharge the battery, which I tried. Unfortunately, that didn’t seem to do the job.

I’m beginning to doubt that the battery has anything to do with it. The CMOS warning error only ever crops up after a hard reboot, not just at a regular boot, as I imagine it should. And not every hard reboot results in a message. 😕

Very low weight distro’s seem to be unaffected. Slitaz and Browser Linux have no problem. PartMagic freezes when Chromium opens a webpage, and Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Alpha 1 works fine until I begin installing it.

I tried doing an overnight memtest, and it passed twice. However, when I got up in the morning, the little icon in memtest was blinking, but the interface and the process were frozen.

So, it’s most likely a memory issue. Which I had thought from the beginning, but a warning message sent me astray.

That’s what I get for RTing the FM 🙄


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