A Promise


I did promise earlier on in a comment to do a HowTo on setting up Apt-Cacher-NG on Ubuntu Server, that HowTo then being my post for PostaWeek.

However, this week has been incredibly hectic and full of unexpected twists, taking a turn for the worse yesterday when I realised my server had crashed.

And crashed it did, with CPU temps reaching the mid 60’s, and both the drives over 40C 😯

After a reboot, it seemed as though the 1TB harddrive was inaccessible, with some rather cryptic error messages being thrown on screen. After connecting it to the RAID card using different ports and cables, and seeing that the 500GB drive seemed uneffected, I declared the drive defective.

But I spoke too soon. Swapping the drive into System64 gave me full access, and with joy, I decided to bring An-Lar back online with just the 500GB drive. After setting up the necessary configs and a good read of the rsync man page (which is brilliantly documented), I left the machines to transfer the bones of 500GB of data over a 100Mb/s network, a job requiring roughly 12 hours.

I saw with dismay in the morning however, that the transfer didn’t go as planned. It seemed that the server’s drive had locked up again, dropping access. The VIA SATA RAID card then was the culprit.

For an €8 card I guess I shouldn’t expect so much. It had been perfectly capable of handling one drive, but two seemed to be far too much for it.

At the moment, I am copying data from the 1TB drive to the 500GB drive using System64 as a host, and will be looking through eBay to pick up a new SATA card.

Perhaps I’ll spend a bit more this time 🙄


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