Another quick post, just to update on An-Lar, late at night, when by right I should be sleeping.
Like I said, I swapped the 500 GB and 1TB drives into System64, where they both function fine. I rsynced over most of the data on the TB to the smaller drive (rsync is such a fantastic utility) and dropped the smaller one back into the server. That way, I can diagnose the problem a bit more and perhaps get it running again with one drive, without the terrifying fear of losing any of my data. The TB is sitting safely wrapped in an anti-static bag in a box. I’ve yet to get around to ordering a new drive, but I’ll get on to that soon.

In other news, efforts to get folding at home running in school have been unsucessful. The machines seem not to start up F@H on start up. It’s possible the machine ID’s are conflicting, but I assigned different ID’s and dirs to each client. Not to worry, I’m still tipping away at a measely 30 points a day. 🙄


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