A New Badge


If you’ve ever visited this site (which unless you’re magic, you must have to be able to read this), you’ll know that I like badges, from my Ubuntu User Number, my TeamUbuntu Folding@Home badge, and of course, my Ad-Free Blog badge.

Now, I’ve got a new one, thanks to the guys over at DailyPost (which all you bloggers out there should be a part of!).

A badge to proudly display that once a week, I’ll sit down, think deeply on a topic, then write a blog from the top of my head on something completely different. 😉 In fact, I’m also participating in PostaDay2011, on another, private blog.

In other news, An-Lar seems to be running rather healthly. I’ve only gotten one bus error since I dropped the 500GB drive back in. Tomorrow perhaps, I’ll see if adding another different drive will affect it, or whether it’s just the TB drive. Only time and experimentation will tell 🙂


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