I’ve Been Naughty


I’ve installed almost every Windows version from 3.11 to 7 (baring Windows NT). I’ve tried countless Linux distros, from Debian to Slackware.

But up until recently, I’d never installed Mac on a machine.

Meet Tiger. On a Pentium IV.

This is bold kids. Unless you own a legitimate copy of Mac OS, and are a Mac Developer, this is not allowed. 👿

Therefore, I won’t tell you how to do this (ye’re inventive enough to find out 😉 ). I will tell you though, that on this hardware, Tiger runs perfectly, and quickly. The disk drive needs to be ejected from within the system, and the Alt key functions in the same way as the CMD key on a real Mac, but that’s to be expected.

Tiger is now coming to the end of his life and will soon be put to sleep. That said, I’ll be keeping an eye peeled for some affordable older Macs. I’ve been kicking myself over the last few weeks for not picking up the rather cheap PowerBook G4 I saw in the FreeAds. 😥


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