My Latest Addiction: Minecraft


Minecraft is a game that has recently taken the online gaming community by storm. The video explains far better than my words could, just how amazing this game is.

It’s infinite, the choice of what you want to do, build, create, is completely yours. You can play alone, or online with many other players, all working together, on massive creations, traps, buildings, even whole cities.

And the game is so cheap, only €14.95 for the current Beta version. Which is practically theft 😉 And better yet, once you buy it once, you’ll get a copy of all the releases up to and including the final full release.

And even better, the game is completely DRM free, so once you’ve bought it, you’re free to play it on as many computers as you like, be the Windows, Mac or Linux, all it needs is Java 🙂 How much better can it get?

Saying that, it’s not a lightweight game. A decent graphics card is needed to be able to play with the “far” render distance (which basically makes the whole map visible, I think). On System64 it plays fine once I set the render distance to “tiny” and graphics quality to “fast”. But that doesn’t reduce playability of the game at all really.

So go out and get a copy, but be prepared to become addicted 😉 If you’re still not sure, you can play the classic version online for free


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