HowTo: Make a Windows 7 Bootable USB Drive


Ok, I’m sure I’ve posted this before. Perhaps a longer method? Either way, I can’t find it, and I needed this info today.

In that light, thanks to Kevin’s Blog for helping me find it.

Thanks to a new little tool from Microsoft, this is now incredibly easy.

First, download the ImagingMaster API, which is required by the program. Download, run, click your way through, and allow your computer to restart.

Next, download the Windows 7 USB DVD tool. Again, run and click your way through the install.

When it’s finished, you’ll get a lovely little icon on your desktop 😉

Step1. Browse for your Windows 7 DVD ISO file.

Step2. Select where you want it to go, a USB drive, or a DVD

Step3. Select the proper device, and click “Begin Copying”. Make sure you have all your data on your USB drive backed up, as it’ll be formatted.

That’s it! Take your USB drive, setup your computer to boot from USB, and enjoy your install 🙂


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