The Patient – Initial Diagnosis


I do love projects. Today, my path happened to cross this Toshiba Satellite Pro L300.

Externally, it’s perfect, not a single scratch, crack or even wear mark. Which is amazing, when you learn that it’s taken a trip down a staircase.

The screen however, is dead. The backlight lights, but nothing shows up on the display, not even the rainbow of broken LCD colours that I expected.

Initial thoughts are that the cable between screen and motherboard is damaged, which I can’t check without dismantling it.

However, it won’t boot up properly. Or at least, when it gets to the stage where Vista should load, the VGA port seems to switch off, and won’t output video (it will up to that point). So there’s a problem there.

First things first, boot up Ubuntu and learn a bit about the machine, assess harddrive condition, and if possible, do a full backup. Next, dismantle and examine the screen housing. From there on, we’ll deal with what we find >.<

I’m going to do my best to document this project a bit better than I have been the others I’ve been fiddling with. That said, no promises 😉


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