The Patient: Isolating Issues


Made a little progress tonight, in that the cause of the problem has been isolated.

The screen seems fine. The backlight flashes, and doesn’t display any of the typical cracked LCD colours. Yet at least.

The VGA port works fine. However, “booting” to Vista on an external screen gives pure blackness. I get to see a little bit of the boot process, before it simply seems to die on me. Laptop keeps chugging away though. Problem with the OS then. Booted up Slitaz from a USB drive, and the screen worked fine, giving perfect 1024×768 output. It’s possible that I don’t get to see Vista, as it’s not correctly adapting to the lower resolution of the external screen, compared to the 1200×800 (roughly) native LCD resolution.

It also tells us that the rest of the laptop is probably fine, barring perhaps the harddrive. The most likely cause for the dead screen then is that the ribbon cable between screen and mobo is severed. I’ll open it up at the weekend, and see if I can’t replace, or repair it.

For now though, a Clonezilla backup is needed.


One Response to “The Patient: Isolating Issues”

  1. 1 Travis

    Wow, that was a tricky one! Two different reasons for vista not displaying.

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