HOWTO: Make Compiz the Way I Like it


This howto is selfish, in that it is for me only. It is so that I can remember how to set Compiz up in the way I like best. You may or may not find this of any use. I know I will 🙂

Virtual Desktops

In “General Options”, change Desktop Size to 5 horizontal, by 1 vertical.

Zoom Desktop

Enable “Zoom Desktop”

Viewport Switching

In “Viewport Switching”, on the “Desktop-based Viewport Switching” tab, change Move Next to Button5 and Move Previous to Button4. This allows you to switch desktops by flicking the mouse wheel 🙂

Desktop Wall

On the “Viewport Switching” tab, change Non-sliding windows to (type=Dock) | type=Desktop

On “Edge Flipping” tab, enable Edge Flip Move.

Wobbly Windows

Enable Wobby Windows, disabling Snapping Windows.

Windows Previews

Image Loading

Under this heading, enable all options, JPEG, PNG, SVG and Text.

Ring Switcher

Enable. Set Ring Height to 12. Set Text Placement to “Below Ring”.

Static Application Switcher

Disable “Show Minimized”.


Go wild. Enjoy yourself.


Apologies for the lack of any real content, this is really just so I can remind myself. I’ll post some decent stuff once I get time 🙂


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