Stressful Server


Remember I’ve been complaining for a while about the problems I’d been having with via_sata cards and Linux? No? Well, in summary, they don’t work well together, causing lock ups and cryptic error messages. And remember how I said I’d gotten some lovely free motherboards and various other bits and pieces?

Well, as it turned out, a number of the motherboards I recieved actually had inboard SATA. Theoretically they were therefore a fantastic replacement for the no-functioning via-sata cards.

With my usual gun-ho ( is that how it’s said? ) attitude, I plowed ahead and ripped out the innerds of my server which for so long had lain idle gathering dust.

At first things didn’t look great. The first motherboard I tried was dead on arrival, but things picked up with the second. I hooked it up, and beamed when my sata harddrive was detected. I quickly proceeded to complete the transfer, getting all the drives and fans into the case, tidying the cables and that. It was only toward the very end that I realised what I had done.

Before I’d finished, I’d found an extra stick of RAM. The more the better I thought, and I leant over to fit it.

I then noticed that one of the modules seemed slighly ajar. In another second or two, I saw that the little green power light on the front of the case was still on.

I had somehow managed to leave the machine running, and dislodge the stick of RAM. Understandable, the mtherboard didn’t particularly like that, and now has given up the ghost.

Which leaves me back where I started, with a server I can’t run and files I can’t access. How easily stupid mistakes can ruin a build 😦


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