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The Ubuntu-Desktop package install a lot more than Gnome. And it has been extremely difficult to remove completely, for me at least, until I found this post on UF. That will painlessly remove everything installed by the ubuntu-desktop package, by un-installing all dependancies. Change “depends” to “recommends” to remove recommended packages, or just run Advertisements

Apt Problems


I’m having problems with Apt again, this time on the Main Server. A key error, and one which I’ve seen before, but can’t for the life of me remember how I fixed it before. I get a few different errors, all along these lines I’ve tried deleting the key with Attempting to redownload the same […]

Size Problems


Came up against another apt-cacher-ng problem today, where an apt-get upgrade reports a size mismatch. Luckily though, found a post here on how to fix it, and this script a little bit down the page What does it do? Well, I’m not exactly sure, but it fixes it 🙂 So this is just here for […]

I have four computers running Ubuntu, two 9.10 servers, and two desktops running 9.04. Last night, both of my servers needed 50Mb of updates, and I wondered, why bother downloading two different sets for both of them? Which is when I stumbled onto Apt-Cacher, which is basically a caching proxy server for Apt, and exactly […]