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Fast, Clean, but needing work. Archbang in three words. Don’t get me wrong, the fortnight I’ve spent with Archbang have been great and as a distro, it’s one I’d strongly recommend. It’s quick, booting in about 20 seconds on Tecra, and uses only 60MB of RAM on a standard desktop. It gives a lot of […]

Back when it came out first, I was quite interested in Archbang, but, when I found that installing drivers for my USB Wifi adapter would be a nightmare, it fizzled out of focus. But ever since, the project has still been working away, and, due to some rather scary issues on Tecra with Ubuntu Maverick, […]

Nope, this ain’t what you were thinking, I havn’t yet solved how to get my RT2501USB wireless working on Archbang. Then again, I’ve given it about 30 minutes this weekend, I just havn’t had the time. Then again, I was enjoy the cause of having no time 😉 So this is a promise post, that […]

The first change I made to ArchBang was to the Menu. Trivial maybe, but it just seems more useful to me, having the Terminal, File Manager, and Browser easily accessible. Also fix some capitalisation, and added Reconfigure and Restart to the Openbox config menu. Maybe you want it, maybe you don’t, but you can get […]

I mentioned earlier that I had issues getting Archbang to work on my Nvidia Geforce4 MX440-SE, and I did. Not being sure whether it was my fault, or Archbang’s, I swapped the PCI version of that card that I had in the case, to the AGP one I had spare, and changed it’s setting in […]

Whilst browsing the UF Cafe, I stumbled across this thread, requesting testers of an RC of a distro (or really, spinoff) known as ArchBang. Seeing how familiar I am with Crunchbang, the name grabbed my attention imediately. ArchBang is basically an Arch Live CD, with an Openbox desktop. The latest version is ArchBang 2.00 RC, […]