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I’m rather enjoying my distro hopping session. So far I’ve gone from Windows, to Ubuntu, to Archbang and LUbuntu. While getting familiar with the Crunchbang Linux forums, I found a rather nice looking distro. No, it wasn’t Crunchbang (though that will be on the distro hop list), but rather, Madbox, a distro I’d never heard […]

Whilst browsing the UF Cafe, I stumbled across this thread, requesting testers of an RC of a distro (or really, spinoff) known as ArchBang. Seeing how familiar I am with Crunchbang, the name grabbed my attention imediately. ArchBang is basically an Arch Live CD, with an Openbox desktop. The latest version is ArchBang 2.00 RC, […]



Quite a few things to talk about…. Firstly, Linux Expresso has gotten a facelift, with a new theme, and a much revised screenshots page. It is now, thankfully, usable 🙂 On the server side of things, in a addition to running Apt-Cacher as a proxy for Apt, my main server now runs Squid, a HTTP […]