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For those wanting a lightweight system, Gnome applications like GDM are simply too big. Here’s a quick and simply way to startup your graphical environment automatically from the command line login, be it Gnome or Openbox. This howto comes with help from the Arch Wiki. First open up a terminal (Applications>Accessories>Terminal) and type This copies […]

Here’s a new theme for you guys to try out, this time, a Gnome and GTk package. Credit ain’t mine, I simply changed the colours of a theme I liked, as explained in the included Readme.txt. Let me know if ye like it, by leaving a comment here 🙂 Download Theme Package

Bye Bye Gnome


Ya, that’s right. For the first time, I’m seriously contemplating ditching Gnome on System64. Why? For the extremely shallow reason that I just can’t make it look good! Whatever I do, it just seems wrong. 😦 It’s so difficult to find a setup on Gnome that I like, but so easy to get one on […]