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This tutorial will outline how to install and configure a VNC Server on CentOS, similar to the Ubuntu VNC HowTo I did a while back. This is particularly useful on headless servers, where you or other users still want to interact with a GUI. Install the Packages To install the VNC Server, open a terminal, […]

My HowTo on fixing an EXT partition in Ubuntu is by far my most popular post, pulling in new visitors everyday. The only reason I wrote it is because it was something that happened to me now and again. But what about dual boots? What happens when your NTFS drive goes beserk, and you only […]

This howto is selfish, in that it is for me only. It is so that I can remember how to set Compiz up in the way I like best. You may or may not find this of any use. I know I will 🙂 Virtual Desktops In “General Options”, change Desktop Size to 5 horizontal, […]

I’d intended on doing a HowTo on setting up a VPN server in Ubuntu, but I’ve yet to get it working, so for now, this will do 🙂 Now, to begin. Imagine you want to port a tunnel on server (the machine you can SSH into), to your laptop, say port 5901, a VNC port. […]

I’m not a big fan of icons on my desktops. They clutter up things, and ruin the effect the wallpaper is meant to have, generally. It’s a taste thing 😉 In LUbuntu 10.10, I accidentally deleted my “Desktop” folder in my ~ directory. This had the effect of throwing the contents of my /home dir […]

Screen resolution. Too large, and everything is too tiny. Too small, and nothing fits on the screen. I was having a problem with my Openbox desktop on my main computer. For whatever reason, even if I set it with lxrandr or grandr, once I logout, the setting doesn’t seem to save. Everytime I logged in, […]

The Ubuntu-Desktop package install a lot more than Gnome. And it has been extremely difficult to remove completely, for me at least, until I found this post on UF. That will painlessly remove everything installed by the ubuntu-desktop package, by un-installing all dependancies. Change “depends” to “recommends” to remove recommended packages, or just run

I opened up OpenOffice in Openbox the other day, and was presented with what looked like the Ubuntu High Contrast GTk. Fugly doesn’t cut it. I of course took a trip over to Urukrama’s fantastic Openbox guide and quickly found the solution. Firstly, install the package with Secondly, to the very beginning of your […]

For some people, such as myself, the suspend/hibernate features in Ubuntu cause trouble, in my case, a lockup, or just general misbehaviour of the system. And in the power menu, it’s all too easy to click one instead of another. So it makes sense to disable the features from the power menu.  The idea for […]

Here’s a How-to, taken from one of my posts on Ubuntu Forums. This how-to explains how to mount a partition in Ubuntu via the command line, and how to set up an auto-mount in your FSTab 🙂 All the writing in this kind of font, is writting that you type into a command line, either […]