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Made a little progress tonight, in that the cause of the problem has been isolated. The screen seems fine. The backlight flashes, and doesn’t display any of the typical cracked LCD colours. Yet at least. The VGA port works fine. However, “booting” to Vista on an external screen gives pure blackness. I get to see […]

I do love projects. Today, my path happened to cross this Toshiba Satellite Pro L300. Externally, it’s perfect, not a single scratch, crack or even wear mark. Which is amazing, when you learn that it’s taken a trip down a staircase. The screen however, is dead. The backlight lights, but nothing shows up on the display, not […]

A Few Issues


I mentioned earlier that my laptop is now running Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick on a Compact Flash card. What I had forgotten to mention, were the few issues that have cropped up with the laptop. The first is the fact that I still havn’t been able to get the internal Wifi card working yet. There has […]

Copy Cat


Ok, so perhaps I’m being a bit of a copy cat, but really, this seemed like such a good idea that I couldn’t resist. Yup, an 8GB Compact Flash card, and a 2.5″ CF-to-IDE adapter. €23 for the lot. Add one laptop, and you’ve got a poor man’s SSD 😉 It’s cooler, lighter, faster, and […]

Well, about a week ago, I passed one of those major milestones in a person’s life, an 18th birthday. Somehow I’ve managed to survive on this planet for 18 years, in spite of the millions of different ways a person could meet their end in the run of a normal day. And for my 18th […]