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Back when it came out first, I was quite interested in Archbang, but, when I found that installing drivers for my USB Wifi adapter would be a nightmare, it fizzled out of focus. But ever since, the project has still been working away, and, due to some rather scary issues on Tecra with Ubuntu Maverick, […]

For those wanting a lightweight system, Gnome applications like GDM are simply too big. Here’s a quick and simply way to startup your graphical environment automatically from the command line login, be it Gnome or Openbox. This howto comes with help from the Arch Wiki. First open up a terminal (Applications>Accessories>Terminal) and type This copies […]

Well, about a week ago, I passed one of those major milestones in a person’s life, an 18th birthday. Somehow I’ve managed to survive on this planet for 18 years, in spite of the millions of different ways a person could meet their end in the run of a normal day. And for my 18th […]

Volume Icon


I don’t often post links to programs, but here’s a handy one, Volume Icon by Maato It a simple volume control icon for your notification area, perfect for Openbox users. It’s got no Gnome requirements either, for those who like to stay pure 😉 You can compile the source or grab i386 or AMD64 .debs […]

Remember that new old system I bought? Yup, this one. I’ve finally gotten around to experimenting with it. First things first, as always, backup the harddrive with clonezilla. But as I mentioned before, for some reason Clonezilla wouldn’t boot >.< A surrogate machine, a drive swap and five minutes later I have one lovely blank […]

Screen resolution. Too large, and everything is too tiny. Too small, and nothing fits on the screen. I was having a problem with my Openbox desktop on my main computer. For whatever reason, even if I set it with lxrandr or grandr, once I logout, the setting doesn’t seem to save. Everytime I logged in, […]

I opened up OpenOffice in Openbox the other day, and was presented with what looked like the Ubuntu High Contrast GTk. Fugly doesn’t cut it. I of course took a trip over to Urukrama’s fantastic Openbox guide and quickly found the solution. Firstly, install the package with Secondly, to the very beginning of your […]

My first decent creation. Well, mutation really of an existing GTk and Openbox Theme. Credits and instructions can be found in the README.txt in the download package. Please, if you like this, let me know by leaving a comment. If I have missed out on anything, or left out anyone’s name, get in touch, by […]

Bye Bye Gnome


Ya, that’s right. For the first time, I’m seriously contemplating ditching Gnome on System64. Why? For the extremely shallow reason that I just can’t make it look good! Whatever I do, it just seems wrong. 😦 It’s so difficult to find a setup on Gnome that I like, but so easy to get one on […]



After quite a while, there’s finally a new release over at Crunchbang. The alpha of the latest version, Crunchbang 10 “Statler”, is available for download, with ~1500 ISOs being downloaded on it’s first day of release. This latest version deviates from the last in that it’s based on Debian, as opposed to Ubuntu. That said, […]