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So, when you first connected to your wireless network, Gnome-Keyring asked you a password. And being the security conscious person you are, you gave a good, strong password. Great! But now every time you log in, you have to enter the password for the keyring. Worse than entering the password for your network everytime, right? […]

The first change I made to ArchBang was to the Menu. Trivial maybe, but it just seems more useful to me, having the Terminal, File Manager, and Browser easily accessible. Also fix some capitalisation, and added Reconfigure and Restart to the Openbox config menu. Maybe you want it, maybe you don’t, but you can get […]

I mentioned earlier that I had issues getting Archbang to work on my Nvidia Geforce4 MX440-SE, and I did. Not being sure whether it was my fault, or Archbang’s, I swapped the PCI version of that card that I had in the case, to the AGP one I had spare, and changed it’s setting in […]