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Quite a few things to talk about…. Firstly, Linux Expresso has gotten a facelift, with a new theme, and a much revised screenshots page. It is now, thankfully, usable 🙂 On the server side of things, in a addition to running Apt-Cacher as a proxy for Apt, my main server now runs Squid, a HTTP […]



So as my Christmas present, guess what I got? Yup, you guessed right, computer parts, namely, a new harddrive, RAID card, and some cabling. Specifically, a 500Gb Seagate Barracuda 7200.12 harddrive I picked up from Amazon, actually, now I mention it, everything here was bought from Amazon. I also picked up a 4 port VIA […]

Whilst rumaging around a parts box, I found something nice, two IDE hardrives. One is a 6Gb Quantum Fireball, the other an 8Gb Seagate drive. Both are probably 5400Rpm. Anyway, seeing as I have Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala Server installed on my testing server, I decided to throw them in. Now, I had been messing […]