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Another quick post, just to update on An-Lar, late at night, when by right I should be sleeping. Like I said, I swapped the 500 GB and 1TB drives into System64, where they both function fine. I rsynced over most of the data on the TB to the smaller drive (rsync is such a fantastic […]

A Promise


I did promise earlier on in a comment to do a HowTo on setting up Apt-Cacher-NG on Ubuntu Server, that HowTo then being my post for PostaWeek. However, this week has been incredibly hectic and full of unexpected twists, taking a turn for the worse yesterday when I realised my server had crashed. And crashed […]

Seeing as I now have so much more space on my main server, I’ve set up backups of my home dir using RSync, a great, powerful command line too. I’m not going to into too much detail on the options of RSync, and not going to even mention the ones I don’t use, there’s plenty […]