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This tutorial will outline how to install and configure a VNC Server on CentOS, similar to the Ubuntu VNC HowTo I did a while back. This is particularly useful on headless servers, where you or other users still want to interact with a GUI. Install the Packages To install the VNC Server, open a terminal, […]

Seeing as I’m just rebuilding my server at the moment, I’m starting to remember a number of commands that I’ve not used in quite a while. Here’s three dead handy commands that deal with hard drives and filesystems. Seriously, how I ever forgot them, I’ll never know 🙄 The first is the simplest. It shows […]

Remember I’ve been complaining for a while about the problems I’d been having with via_sata cards and Linux? No? Well, in summary, they don’t work well together, causing lock ups and cryptic error messages. And remember how I said I’d gotten some lovely free motherboards and various other bits and pieces? Well, as it turned […]

I, like many people, access my servers, and in fact, almost every other computer in my house, through SSH. I’ve previously set up the correct port forwarding to port 22, and installed and configured ddclient on my server, in order to be able to SSH into it from a web address. One thing I forgot […]

I was just browsing through the Ubuntu Forums, and found this post with a little line of bash, which apparently shows the number of failed logins per day. It’s a tad frightening. If it’s to be believed, 6 days ago, my little server had over 1800 failed logins >.< If anyone could shed some light on […]

I’d intended on doing a HowTo on setting up a VPN server in Ubuntu, but I’ve yet to get it working, so for now, this will do 🙂 Now, to begin. Imagine you want to port a tunnel on server (the machine you can SSH into), to your laptop, say port 5901, a VNC port. […]

I’ve been promising this HowTo for a while, so here it finally is 🙄 Apt-Cacher-NG is an apt proxy. It caches the packages you download locally each time you update your system. Why bother you might ask? Well, if you have multiple computers using the proxy, you save on bandwidth by not having to download […]

A New Badge


If you’ve ever visited this site (which unless you’re magic, you must have to be able to read this), you’ll know that I like badges, from my Ubuntu User Number, my TeamUbuntu Folding@Home badge, and of course, my Ad-Free Blog badge. Now, I’ve got a new one, thanks to the guys over at DailyPost (which […]



Another quick post, just to update on An-Lar, late at night, when by right I should be sleeping. Like I said, I swapped the 500 GB and 1TB drives into System64, where they both function fine. I rsynced over most of the data on the TB to the smaller drive (rsync is such a fantastic […]

A Promise


I did promise earlier on in a comment to do a HowTo on setting up Apt-Cacher-NG on Ubuntu Server, that HowTo then being my post for PostaWeek. However, this week has been incredibly hectic and full of unexpected twists, taking a turn for the worse yesterday when I realised my server had crashed. And crashed […]