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I recently got an Xbox 360, not a new 360 S, but the older 360. The ones that tend to cook themselves after a period of time 🙄 Well anyway, over the holidays, I had wanted to take a motherboard I had lying around, a PCI graphics card, a cheap network adapter, shove it all […]

In this howto, I’m going to run through how to install Ubuntu Server (10.10 Maverick Meerkat) and set it up as an Encoding Server, controlled via VNC and SSH. Obviously, encoding performance will depend greatly on your hardware. For this setup, I’ll be using an Intel Celeron 2.4Ghz with 256Mb of RAM. This is on […]

Server Videos


Today, after returning from a few days up the country, it was time to give the main server what I call a “Soft Service”. Basically, cleaning some of the dust out of it, without shutting it down. This means temporarily stopping the CPU fan, which I know I can do for a certain amount of […]



That’s right, my secondary server has been retired. The PIII board has been removed, and replaced with a much more powerful system. 2.6Ghz Celeron, 256Mb of RAM. My main reason? Lack of power, of RAM? No, the PIII was plenty, Ubuntu server doesn’t demand much. My one grip though was that it’s BIOS couldn’t detect […]

Yes, I know, I’m taking it too far. But am I? Today, the main server, An-Lar, got some downtime. It had only been up for 8 days anyway, after a stupid reboot. I cleaned the case a bit, though extremely gently, not wanting to break that stupid Molex to SATA power adapter which arrived broken, […]

New Computer


^ Imaginative title eh? 😉 I love taking donations of old computers, because, by standards, most of the ones I receive are nowhere near old. Just the other day I was given this roughly 6 year old PC, a Packard Bell. Quite a powerful machine by my standards, a 2.6Ghz Celeron with 256Mb of PC-2700, […]

Size Problems


Came up against another apt-cacher-ng problem today, where an apt-get upgrade reports a size mismatch. Luckily though, found a post here on how to fix it, and this script a little bit down the page What does it do? Well, I’m not exactly sure, but it fixes it 🙂 So this is just here for […]



Last night, when trying to install Crunchbang with the alternate script onto Jaunty86, which is a story for another blog, I set it up to grab some old packages from the server, which runs apt-cacher to cache .deb packages. Great, updates went fast. But then stopped. I tried to log in to the server, and […]



Quite a few things to talk about…. Firstly, Linux Expresso has gotten a facelift, with a new theme, and a much revised screenshots page. It is now, thankfully, usable 🙂 On the server side of things, in a addition to running Apt-Cacher as a proxy for Apt, my main server now runs Squid, a HTTP […]

I have four computers running Ubuntu, two 9.10 servers, and two desktops running 9.04. Last night, both of my servers needed 50Mb of updates, and I wondered, why bother downloading two different sets for both of them? Which is when I stumbled onto Apt-Cacher, which is basically a caching proxy server for Apt, and exactly […]