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Things have been rather hectic in the real world, and the forecast is only set to get worse. My laptop is still out of action, and I’ve yet to open it up to check the RTC battery. I found some documentation saying that simply leaving the machine on for many hours should recharge the battery, […]

Firstly, I must apologise for how sparse posts are becoming here. The real world is proving to be a busy place right now, and I can only see the problem getting worse. But I will endevour to post as often as possible. Anyway, I’ve yet to open up Tecra to examine the CMOS battery. At […]

Not twenty minutes after I had written a rather glowing review of XP 10 years on, did problems begin. Lockups, frozen inputs, and even two blue screen crashes. At first, I was furious. How could XP do this do me, after I had praised it’s “stability”? How dare it! In a less than happy mood, […]

I know I promised that the next blog would be based on the performance of Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick on Tecra, but unfortunately, at the moment that’s not possible. Due to school needs, I’ve had to remove the CF card, replace the 30Gb harddrive and install Windows XP, to use programs such as Word, Publisher, but […]

The next step in my distro-hopping experiment hasn’t gone quite as well as I’d planned. Before I start though, I’d like to declare though, that it mostly my fault. This week’s distro is one which doesn’t reach the top 100 on Distrowatch, but should. Wolvix is quite a nice distro, and my first time playing […]

I’m rather enjoying my distro hopping session. So far I’ve gone from Windows, to Ubuntu, to Archbang and LUbuntu. While getting familiar with the Crunchbang Linux forums, I found a rather nice looking distro. No, it wasn’t Crunchbang (though that will be on the distro hop list), but rather, Madbox, a distro I’d never heard […]

Last night I ditched Archbang, and, after messing around with a few boot CDs I have lying around, Tecra is back up and running. Recognise it? It’s LUbuntu 10.10. It’s a name that crops up fairly often when “Lighweight” and “Ubuntu” are mentioned in the same sentence (before you say it, yes the “L” stands […]

Fast, Clean, but needing work. Archbang in three words. Don’t get me wrong, the fortnight I’ve spent with Archbang have been great and as a distro, it’s one I’d strongly recommend. It’s quick, booting in about 20 seconds on Tecra, and uses only 60MB of RAM on a standard desktop. It gives a lot of […]

Back when it came out first, I was quite interested in Archbang, but, when I found that installing drivers for my USB Wifi adapter would be a nightmare, it fizzled out of focus. But ever since, the project has still been working away, and, due to some rather scary issues on Tecra with Ubuntu Maverick, […]

Brief Hope


I mentioned earlier about the built-in WiFi in Tecra not working properly. The light would come on when I flicked the switch, but other than that, nothing would happen. Well, today saw a brief flash of hope. The card was detected by the system, but refused to connect. 🙄 Looks like I’m not getting an […]